About Us

Power and Mine Supply Co. Ltd. is a Winnipeg based distributor and system fabricator specializing in serving the needs of those involved in pulp & paper, mining, chemical processing, power generation, water distribution, wastewater treatment, oil and gas production, irrigation, pipeline, pharmaceutical, aerospace, general industry and agriculture.

We have been serving central Canada since 1929 and currently have locations in Winnipeg (head office), Thunder Bay, Saskatoon and Regina.

 Mission Statement

* Power & Mine Supply aspires to be the best of the best distributors in its territories, not only in  providing the standard distributor services to its customers (inventory, order processing, equipment packaging, and equipment service) but in providing unmatched equipment application support, equipment troubleshooting and problem solving support.

* Power and Mine Supply aspires to create a work environment for its employees that will result in the company having long term employees. We are committed to the continual development of our people, making them the best team in our industry.