The MagnaDrive Coupling Product Line


The new standard for equipment protection
The MagnaDrive industrial coupling product line is targeted at constant speed applications on 2 to 5,000 horsepower motors with speeds up to 7,000 RPM. Like the MagnaDrive ASD, MagnaDrive Couplings incorporate an air gap to isolate the motor from the load. This eliminates vibration transfer, equipment damage and downtime, and the need for costly and time-consuming laser alignment. Further, MagnaDrive Couplings are virtually maintenance free requiring only an annual inspection that can be performed while the equipment is in operation.

There are three product families in the MagnaDrive Coupling product line:


Standard Coupling Family (FGC & MGE)


MagnaDrive's standard coupling family is available in two styles depending upon the particular application. The MagnaGuard First Generation Coupling (FGC) and MagnaGuard Economizer (MGE) both offer significant benefits:


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Low maintenance
Efficient torque transfer
Accepts greater misalignment
Eliminates vibration transfer between motor and load
Increases seal and bearing life
Permits shock loading
Simple installation
Meets ANSI B73 Standards (MGE only)

Meets API 610 Standards (MGE only)


MagnaGuard Delay Coupling Family (MGD) 
Some applications, such as bulk handling conveyors, require a delayed-start capability in order to extend system equipment life. MagnaDrive's advanced cushioned start and stop coupling family has all of the benefits of the standard couplings, plus:
Ability to delay full torque transfer

Cushioned start and stop


MagnaGuard Torque Limiting Coupling Family (MGTL) 
In torque overload situations, the MGTL automatically disengages, shutting down the system and preventing damage or even destruction of the motor and driven equipment. When the jam is cleared, the coupling automatically resets itself to resume operation. MagnaDrive's advanced overload protection coupling family has all of the benefits of the advanced cushioned start and stop couplings, plus:
Overload torque protection
All options in the MagnaDrive Coupling Product Line provide a "disconnected connection." No matter which one you choose, you will benefit from dramatically reduced system vibration and lower total cost of ownership.
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